Mother’s Day is Not the Same for Everyone: The Good, The Bad and the Sad

Mothers Day - Good Bad Sad

Mother’s Day is consistently the second Sunday in May. However, Mother’s Day is not always the same for everyone. For some, it means a happy and festive family gathering. For others, it may signify haunting childhood memories. And still, for others, it may be filled with sadness, loss, and regret. There is no “one size fits all” or “correct ” way to experience Mother’s Day each year. However, you would never know this from the retail stores’ point of view. For them, it’s advertising “finding the perfect gift for Mom,” or flooding the stores with displays of candy and flowers,…

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6 Communication Tips For When Your Family Is In Crisis So You Stay Away From Unnecessary Drama

Communication Tips for Family Drama

Family crises often lead to family drama. Effective communication is vital, both for dealing with the situation but also working together as a family unit as best as possible. Communication can be effective, hurtful, inflammatory, intimidating, bullying, and fearful. But effective communication really can make the difference between healthy or challenging family relationships, as well as managing family drama and scary situations. Sometimes singular medical issues, financial issues, or life events such as a divorce in the family can be dealt with more easily than an ongoing unhealthy family dynamic. I will discuss these singular issues in my next article.…

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How To Cope With Family Drama Without Falling Apart

Coping with Family Drama

Believe it or not, you most often you really can cope with family drama without falling apart. And even more than that, you can turn conflict into a productive conversation that results in the family effectively dealing with the issues at hand. Really! It’s not magic! If you are dealing with a toxic family member, no worries. You can still find a way to set healthy boundaries to deal with toxicity.  If you are the toxic family member then pay attention to how you might be negatively affecting your family and what you can do to move forward in a…

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Do You Still Feel Like a Child in Your Parents’ Eyes? Do This!


Do your parents treat you like a child, even though you feel like an adult and have the bank account and responsibilities to prove it? Are you having more arguments with your parents over your decisions, lifestyle or values? Do you feel you are growing apart over these arguments? And then are you getting guilt trips like, “I know you are too busy with your friends to call me”. Moving the Parent-Child Relationship into Adult-Adult in the 30’s is challenging, but normal. A change occurs in the parent-child relationship when the child starts becoming an adult. For the sake of…

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