Relationship Checklist

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Relationship Checklist

Realtionship Checklist IntroMost of us want a special person in this world. We want someone who values, respects and helps protect us from hurt. Great relationships like this that endure over time have common behaviors and values that create a healthy and nourishing bond. In working with many couples over the years I have identified various relationship skills that help create the healthy and nourishing bond they were often struggling to achieve. Knowing these skills doesn't mean it's easy to practice them. But all relationships are a garden that must always be tended or it grows weeds.

I have turned these relationship skills into a Relationship Checklist. I introduced the concept of the checklist in an introductory article Relationship Checklist For Couples and Singles - Intro on my website A companion article, Relationship Checklist For Couples and Singles - Explained walks through the topics in the checklist and explains how they can affect the relationship. I recommend reading these articles before starting the checklist.

This relationship checklist works for both couples and singles. Couples should complete the checklist independently, and then most importantly, discuss the results with each other. This discussion will help uncover misperceptions and misunderstandings which may prevent emotional closeness from developing. It also may uncover actions the couple can take both individually and as a couple to strengthen their bond. More importantly, it identifies those necessary skills that great relationships already know and practice.

Please contact me, Susan Saint-Welch, L.M.F.T., at to recommend topics for future articles. Unfortuately I am unable to answer specific questions via email. However, I can consult with you via secure videoconferencing if you live in California.


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Susan Saint-Welch LMFT has counseled couples and individuals for many years on issues such as dating, marriage, family drama, coping with difficult times, improving self-image and living the life you love. She provides psychotherapy for clients in California and Dating, Couples and Life Coaching for clients outside California through secure video conferencing. She has published numerous articles regarding these issues on her website, on and on

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