9 Secrets To A Successful Relationship After A Long Term Single And Independent Lifestyle

Maybe you were focused on your career and time went by. Maybe you have been divorced or widowed for a while. Maybe you just never met the “right one”. But one day you find yourself involved with another person and your lives are beginning to blend together. And suddenly you are scared. How do you succeed at this process when you’ve always lived your life according to your own style? Even the most independent people can find ways to share life, love, joy, laughter, and fun with the right person. You will work together to find the win-win in a…

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Is Your Good Guy Sometimes A Bad Person? Can You Live With That?

Good Guy Bad Person

Have you ever heard the phrases “turning a blind eye” or “seeing through rose colored glasses?” This means that someone chooses to see only what they want to see, and overlooks the negative factors. However, the negative behavior still happens. The other person just chooses to overlook it. No one is perfect and we live with their imperfections, just as they live with ours. The important factor is knowing the difference between what we can truly live with and what we cannot. What Happens When You Overlook the Negative? Negative behavior will eventually affect the relationship if it goes unchecked…

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6 Questions to Ask When Someone You Love Has Depression

Pic of person in crisis

You’ve been watching your loved one struggle with serious depression for a while now. What do you do? What do you say? You’re not a psychologist or a doctor! The good news is that you can help. This article presents a series of questions to ask to determine the extent of the depression. You will have a better feel for how to interpret their answers and get them the help they need. It also describes some of the possible signs of depression so that you can better determine if they need help. Read the article HERE. This article was originally published on YourTango.com where…

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Is He The Right Guy? 11 Questions Before Casual Becomes Long-Term.

Navigating through the ups and downs of finding and keeping the Right Guy is like trying to get someplace you don’t know well, in the dark and with no sign posts for guidance. Mostly we learn by trial and error, or what we hear from our friends who are also in the dark. Or we learn about relationships from our parents who are just as clueless as we are. But rest assured that there are concepts and skills that you can learn and practice which will help you recognize the right guy and sustain that healthy relationship. The following questions…

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The Secret Ingredient To Creating Passion In Your Relationship

Nice dinner, soft lighting, candles and tasty cuisine. Why isn’t this enough to ignite passion? Because of one missing ingredient: Connection. What is connection? And why is it so important in a relationship? How does connection create passion? And how can I connect with my mate? What Connection Looks Like: At its core, emotional connection describes a bonding between two people: An appreciation or understanding of one another. Reaching towards the other person. Feeling valued and “seen” by the other person. A coming together over common goals. Having things in common. Feeling like two people in the world together. Connection…

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7 Ways to Stop Arguing And Reconnect Your Romantic Relationship

Stop Arguing

How do you stop arguing when it seems like the argument will never be resolved? When we keep replaying the same argument over and over again we feel frustrated, angry, annoyed, sad and sometimes helpless and hopeless. Just because we can’t stop arguing doesn’t mean there isn’t a resolution. It means we haven’t found a way to avoid the triggers that continue the negative cycling. We learn how to argue and deal with conflict mostly from our parents who learned it from their parents, and so on. Sometimes we deliberately go another way, hoping that way will work better. But…

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How Do I Know If I Have A Secure Attachment In My Relationship?

When we are in a relationship comprising a secure attachment we feel safe, secure, cared for, and that we can rely on “our person”. In a secure attachment with someone (a best friend, a romantic mate, or a child) we feel valued, heard and emotionally connected to one another. We feel that our needs matter. Our attachments begin with our parents or guardian, and evolve to our closest friends and eventually to a romantic relationship with a partner. The more attached we are to our “person” the more vulnerable we feel with them. When one partner pulls away the other…

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Surviving Valentine’s Day Pressure In a Relationship, Or Single

Valentines Day means many different things to people. For some it signifies the love they feel for their mate. Others (whether they have a mate or not) see Valentines Day as a sham by the retail industry to milk that day for all its worth. Some people avoid it like the plague, even to the point of not going to work that day. Some romantics have high expectations of their mate, even expecting them to top last year’s thoughtfulness. I hear this more from women than men. And from men I will hear the pressure they silently feel to meet…

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You Must See The Whole Person. You Can’t Just Pick The Values You Like

See Whole Person

Wouldn’t it be a perfect relationship world if we could love someone without seeing the “the bad and the ugly” in them and just focus on their good values? Well, some people do this everyday, but unfortunately we live with all the parts, and are affected by all the parts. No one is perfect and we live with their imperfections, just as we live with our own. The important factor is knowing the difference between the values we can truly live with and what we cannot. Why We Can’t Pick and Choose What to See in a Person Have you…

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Make Your Decisions Out Of Desire- Not Fear Or Avoidance

We make hundreds of decisions a day, of which most are unconscious. What to eat, what to wear, when to leave for work, which lane to drive in, which calls we take and which calls we let go to voicemail. Even where we focus our eyes. Making Conscious Decisions We make some decisions more consciously. When we need to end a relationship. Who to date. Even more importantly, who to marry. Whether or not to have children is a very difficult decision for some people. Most of these decisions come from desire. Making Decisions From A Fear of a Negative…

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