Why Some People Can Look You Straight In The Face And Tell You Lies

People who lie want to avoid responsibility for something negative or they value their feelings more than yours. They will justify their lies with various excuses. This article examines the excuses and their effect on you, the recipient of their lies. Click HERE for: Some excuses that liars make How to tell if they will always lie How to handle a habitual liar This article was originally published on YourTango.com where I am now an Expert Contributor. Click the image below to see my bio and other articles on YourTango.

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Personalized Interpretation of Dreams – You Are Your Best Expert!

Dreams Interpretation

We all dream as we sleep. Some of our dreams help us work out the more important issues or events in our life that cause us feelings of stress, worry, joy, or fear that we do not recognize during the day. Sometimes we remember the dreams and sometimes we don’t. But the feelings during the dream are always present whether we remember them or not. You can use these feelings to understand how your dreams try to help you deal with your life issues. These feelings may lead to a more valid interpretation than any generalized book of dream interpretation…

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What Do My Dreams Mean? Dream Interpretation Made Simple.

We all dream, whether we are aware of them or not – whether we remember them or not. Dreams help our mind deal with experiences that usually have occurred within the last couple of days. When we let our guard down in our sleep, the subconscious mind helps us process our experiences to understand them and to understand ourselves. Why This Is Important Dreams connect the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to help us understand ourselves more fully. The more we understand how we think and interpret our experiences the more aware we become of what works for us…

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The Difference Between Clinical Depression And Just Feeling Depressed

Often clients will ask me “Sometimes I feel a lack of energy or I just want to be alone. Can this be depression?” Clinical Depression is very different from occasional depressed feelings. We will talk about the variety of possible signs and symptoms of both Clinical Depression and general sadness, as well as what you can do if you experience them over time. Non-Medical Feelings of Depression: We all go through some days of feeling low, or sad, or wanting solitude, or just wanting to go back to bed for the day. Sometimes several different things do not go well…

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Make Your Decisions Out Of Desire- Not Fear Or Avoidance

We make hundreds of decisions a day, of which most are unconscious. What to eat, what to wear, when to leave for work, which lane to drive in, which calls we take and which calls we let go to voicemail. Even where we focus our eyes. Making Conscious Decisions We make some decisions more consciously. When we need to end a relationship. Who to date. Even more importantly, who to marry. Whether or not to have children is a very difficult decision for some people. Most of these decisions come from desire. Making Decisions From A Fear of a Negative…

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Don’t Turn On & Off Your Values. You Will Lose Your Core

Our values determine how we live our life. They are not a light switch we turn on and off at our whim. They form a screen through which we interpret the world and color our decision-making, our interests, and our goals in life. The values we choose to live by, healthy or not, often determine our direction in life, and the things we want to achieve and experience. They help identify those things in life that are most important to us, such as what is right and wrong behavior in ourselves, and those we choose to be around. Choose your…

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A Not So Merry Christmas? What Happened to My Great Plans?

Not So Merry Christmas

I’m in danger of having a Not So Merry Christmas this year. I traditionally have various parts of my family join me as they can for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast, and an afternoon movie. Then I host a wonderful Christmas dinner for the entire family. This extended celebration allows us to reconnect as both a family and as individuals. Sound good? I thought so. This has been our tradition for many years. But evidently not this year! I came back from a conference with the full blown flu. I am taking medication and getting better every day, but plans…

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Don’t Call Me Scrooge! I Just “Celebrate” Differently.


Have you been called “Scrooge” before? Can’t enjoy the holidays? There’s nothing wrong with you. You just “celebrate” differently. Some people enjoy the holidays. They celebrate the hustle and bustle, the shopping, the decorating, the cooking, and the back-to-back parties. Some people choose to de-emphasize the presents and celebrate the decorations and the spirit of giving around them. Some people are cynical and see nothing more than people being “brainwashed” to spend a lot of money because “that’s what people do”. Or a scheme by the department stores to have people spend more money than they have. Others are reminded…

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Life Giving You Lemons? Best Lemonade Recipes Ever!

Life Giving Lemons

When you feel life is giving you lemons you have a choice to make: you can accept your lemons or you can make lemonade. This means make it work for you. It may not be exactly how you want it, but it will be better than feeling like a victim and focusing on what is so unfair to you. We can’t control everything around us, but we can control how we experience a situation. Make it Work for You!!! Examples of Life Lemons: Being passed up for a promotion. Choices: Quit Begin looking for another job while you continue to…

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Dealing With Grief: A Survival Guide

Dealing With Grief

Grief is a life event that we all face at one time or another. Some of us have had much more than our share of it. We cannot avoid grief, but we can engage in a process to work toward feeling better. Some loss is much harder to deal with than other losses. Our unconscious part of the brain does not know the difference between one loss and another. So when a new loss is experienced, even a minor loss, it can bring up all the other losses that affected us previously, even without realizing it. With a large, unspeakable…

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