Living The Life You Love

Susan reflects on how you can design your life to live the life you love. The articles below may help your current situation or you can suggest an article or get help by contacting Susan Saint-Welch HERE. She does not provide psychotherapy by email or outside California.

Beware! A Lack of Healthy Boundaries is a Slippery Slope!

Ever feel people run over you? Or your feelings don’t matter to others? Most likely you are not setting healthy boundaries with those around you. Without boundaries, you are telling others that your needs don’t matter. You give people a welcome chance to walk over you. You become a human “welcome mat! But don’t blame yourself totally. They don’t teach this in school, so how are you to know? But now that you do know about it, you can take steps to fix this starting now. First, let’s identify what a lack of healthy boundaries looks like. At the very…

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Unsure of The Real You? Unlock Your True Identity!

Unlocking your true identity means valuing yourself, standing up for what you believe, and asking for what you want. It’s not about being selfish. Furthermore, it’s about truly knowing yourself and demonstrating this in your life and in your decision-making… Living a healthy life that truly fits who you are, and makes you happy. However, as I often say in my articles, these things are not taught in school. So how are we to know how important this concept is, and what happens when we don’t value ourselves? Or even how we get there? First, let’s take a look at…

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Why Can’t I Move Forward in Life?

Move Forward In Life

You are not alone if you find yourself asking, “Why Can’t I move forward in life?” The bad news is that your failure to move forward is probably due to experiences in your past. The good news is that this does not define you. Changes can occur that will allow you to move forward. You just need to recognize what you need to change and be brave enough to do the work. There are so many reasons that could cause your struggle to move forward in life. Messages you received as a child can be unknowingly carried into adulthood, damaging…

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Being an Empath is Not Easy: Are You an Empath?


Being an empath is not easy. I know. I am one. What is an empath? It’s someone sensitive to the energy and feelings of other people. The energy you pick up may be positive, or it may be unhealthy and draining.  And so much more. Being an empath means you have to take care of yourself and manage your energy. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be an empath, and navigate in this world of ours.    What is an Empath? You Might be an Empath if…. According to Judith Orloff, M.D., an empath is someone…

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Design Your Perfect Life in 2020 – Create Your Own Vision Board

Vision Board

Are you tired of never fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions? Create a Vision Board to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract what you consciously want. People attract experiences that match our subconscious beliefs. We need to experience the world in a way that makes sense to our subconscious beliefs about how the world works. If we expect failure or disappointment, we will usually experience failure or disappointment.  Therefore, when we expect success or happiness, we will usually achieve it. If we firmly believe that we will not get a good job, we probably won’t.   Our beliefs are very strong…

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13 Reasons Why Success In Life Is Not About Luck

Success Not About Luck

Successful people already know that success in life is not about luck, and they know this because of how they achieved success. They had a passion, mapped out the course, and followed it. If for some reason it wasn’t working, they investigated the “why” and created another direction. They knew when to quit and create another avenue, or even to create a completely new path.  Look up successful people and you will see this pattern. Look how many times it took Thomas Edison to perfect the light bulb: 10,000 attempts before he perfected it.    Though not in any particular…

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What Defines Success In Life?

What Defines Success

How we define success in life determines our level of happiness and meaning. Success in life has been defined in a variety of ways. I don’t see this as being confusing. Rather, I believe the meaning of success comes from each person who ultimately defines this for themselves. Why Is Defining Success Important? To be successful you need to define what that would look like for you. People often search for purpose in life to give their existence in the world meaning. Often people will seek “success” to have meaning in their life. But who defines success in life? There…

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6 Ways to Find Your True Self – It’s Not Magic

friends together

Finding your True Self means becoming aware of those around you, what makes you happy, and what does not. When you feel good about yourself and when you don’t. They don’t teach this in school, so how are you to know how to do something you have never been taught? So don’t be so hard on yourself if you feel lost or having no real identity. I will show you 6 ways that you can find your True Self, your gifts, and what makes you happy and what does not. Look around you and inside yourself and you will begin…

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8 Signs to Know If An Independent Woman Will Make You Happy

Living with an emotionally healthy independent woman can be challenging, but you should not consider her a challenge to see if you are “man enough”. The independent woman has goals and aspirations that are very similar to yours and the challenge comes from deciding on a fair distribution of whose goals will take priority. She doesn’t need a man for protection, financial security or status. Although she is quite capable of living alone but prefers to share her life with her mate. She wants a romantic partner she can feel close to, with whom she can share her home life.…

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Signs of An Emotionally Insecure Relationship With A Lover, Friend or Parent

Couple Fighting

In an insecure relationship the more attached we are to our “person” the more vulnerable we feel with them. When one partner pulls away the other partner most often will feel emotionally abandoned, disconnected and insecure of the bond, especially if this occurs often. Secure relationships are about having a secure emotional attachment with the other person. Our emotional attachments begin with our parents or guardian, evolve to our closest friends, and eventually lead to a romantic relationship with a partner. When we have a secure emotional attachment we feel safe, cared for, and that we can rely on “our…

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