Coping With Difficult Times

Coping skills are crucial when it comes to handling the curve balls life throws at you. The articles below may help your current situation or you can suggest an article or get help by contacting Susan Saint-Welch HERE. She does not provide psychotherapy by email or outside California.

Great Resource Regarding COVID-19 the Coronavirus Disease

COVID-19 Symptoms

All kinds of various sites online are coming up with updates and new information for dealing with COVID-19. It is really important to know the proper sites to use. This is a link for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the government agency tasked with combating the COVID-19 outbreak and is absolutely reliable. Kind of out of the “horse’s mouth” as they say. Take a look at it if you want some reliable information. Try to stay away from lesser-known sources or sources that cannot be verified. Some people on social media may try to sensationalize this topic.…

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How to Deal With Sudden Changes and the Unknown

Being forced to deal with sudden changes in your life or the unknown can be really unnerving. The COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent example. The article “That Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief” is about how sudden changes and the unknown in our life can feel like grief. This idea may sound a bit crazy, but when you think about it, that concept makes sense. Grief is about the loss of what existed before something changed. Webster’s dictionary defines “grief” as “deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement.”   It also uses the definition as a “mishap”…

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Dealing With the Unknown in Life – How to Cope With Difficult Times

Dealing with uncertain times

Dealing with the unknown in life is often uncomfortable and can be “offsetting” in your mood. How can you cope with difficult times, especially when you don’t know the outcome? Or if you will be okay if you don’t know what the situation will really involve?  And how can you deal with the “unknown” if you don’t know what the end result will look like?  All good questions to ponder. But there are actions you can take to increase the chances of maintaining emotional balance in your current life, even with the unknown. At the end of this article, I…

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Fool-Proof Plan To Move Forward In Life And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Move Forward In Life

Moving forward in life is not taught in school. So how are you supposed to know what “being in your way” even looks like? A lot of the time life seems to “just happen”.  But if we look more closely we often can see some holes in our thinking. Or perhaps we can already recognize our “weak spots”, such as overspending, or dating the wrong guys.  Sometimes we make decisions around what’s “easier” or more “accepted” by others. Often decisions may come from what’s popular at the time.  What all of these patterns have in common is the lack of…

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Effective Ways of Building Trust in Someone and Also Yourself

Building Trust

Romantic relationships are the most vulnerable relationships we have. Our heart does what it wants, whether it’s good for us or not. This is why building trust in someone is essential if you want to feel less vulnerable.   However, romantic relationships are not alone in causing a vulnerability. Children are very vulnerable because they don’t even know about trust and how to build it. They don’t get to pick their parents. Therefore, they must find their own way to feel emotionally safe and secure, kind of in the “dark”. We’ll discuss this further when it comes to Self-Esteem in this…

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Essential Tips for Dealing With Your Life Crisis (Medical, Financial, Relationship, Divorce)

Pic of person in crisis

Sometimes a life crisis (medical, financial, or a family member’s divorce) can be dealt with more easily than an ongoing unhealthy family dynamic. If you are dealing with unhealthy family issues that are ongoing, see my article entitled How To Cope With Family Drama Without Falling Apart. A life crisis often leads to family drama. Effective communication can make the difference between healthy or challenging family relationships, as well as managing family drama and scary situations. Every traumatic event has effective communication skills that work and help you focus on the issue at hand. Below are various types of situations…

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11 Essential Coping Skills for Teens

Coping Skills For Teens

Being a teenager is not always easy. But it gets easier if you learn the essential coping skills for teens. Even though you may fear that you are not smart enough or liked enough or pretty enough, remember that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and fumble around in the dark. And then one day, little by little things begin to get better. We learn along the way. That’s normal. So that’s why it’s important to understand all of the possibilities that are available to you.    What Do Essential Coping Skills for Teens Look Like?   1. Your…

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7 Reasons Why Coping Skills And Resilience Go Hand In Hand

That’s easy to explain: Coping skills and resilience go hand in hand because the more coping skills you learn and utilize, the more resilient you become. Resilience means using our ability to cope, seeing beyond the current situation, and believing in ourselves that we have the ability to survive challenging times in our life. How Do You Build Coping Skills and Resilience? First of all, let’s discuss the concept of resilience. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines resilience as “ an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. For example, do you continue to do something that does not…

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How To Turn Failure Into Success – The Easy Way

Defining “failure” is an individual choice we all have. It can define us or we learn from it. Webster’s Dictionary defines “failure” as “ failing to perform a duty or expected action.” Or “ lack of success”, and finally “a falling short: a deficiency”. Is it a failure if we are trying to do something we don’t enjoy? Or if we are experimenting and we do not reach our original goal? Would Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison see themselves as a failure? Or would they see their experiments as falling short of their end goal which they would one day…

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How To Avoid Holiday Burnout, FOMO, Ghosting, and Family Dysfunction

Xmas Bulldog

How will you avoid Holiday Burnout this year? Some people travel to a faraway island. Others fear missing out on “the best” party of the year, or worse yet, not being invited! Still, others will hibernate and not answer their phone. This year, make sure your holiday experience comes from what you want, not what you need to avoid. Holidays are a tough time and many people suffer holiday burnout. For some, it is about the family dysfunction that rears its ugly head each year. For others, it’s about money and avoiding the obligation to buy a lot of gifts. And…

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