Mission Statement

My mission is to create a forum where people will begin to appreciate that the past does not have to predict the future. If we can learn how to make better choices, and practice the skills that work better for us, we can begin to create the life that fits us more fully and positively.

One of my favorite mantras is “We don’t know what we don’t know”. It is this lack of information that can very much affect the choices we make in life. It could determine if we will be happy or not. Or if we live under a low ceiling, not feeling hopeful that things can be better than they were in our past.

And if this process becomes difficult for someone, it is my hope that they will seek the help of a psychotherapist who has knowledge and experience of skills and concepts that can often significantly change things for the better.

This is why I created LifeandRelationships101.

This is not psychotherapy, therefore I am not able to answer questions directly. However, your comments are always welcome (Susan.LifeandRelationships@gmail.com), and I am very interested in suggestions for future topics to be discussed.

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