Define and realize your perfect life and cope with the imperfections


Discover and nurture relationships with family, friends and lovers


Develop a realistic, positive self-image

Our identity and self worth issues affect our daily decisions, dating, relationships, career and how we cope in life.

Are your actions based on desire or avoidance of something negative? My work involves identifying one's core beliefs and adjusting them to achieve the desired effects. I teach people how to read their "core" and to use this as a barometer of what is going on internally, in their current situation, to guide them towards feeling better.

The work is introduced in three inter-related divisions:

Life101 – The basic skills involved in defining and realizing your perfect life and coping with the imperfections.

Relationships101 – The basic skills involved in discovering and nurturing relationships with family, friends and lovers. Finding and sustaining a relationship with the perfect mate.

Self-Esteem101 – The basic skills required to develop a realistic, positive self-image from within.