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Relationship Checklist for Couples – Part I

Relationships are like a Greenhouse: You have especially chosen your flowers and plants because they are appealing to you and they give you joy. But just like a greenhouse relationships need loving care. They need to be nourished in order to grow. You need to care for them in ways that are healthy and promote growth. And like a greenhouse they require a lot of work and maintenance in order to flourish. And this maintenance never stops. If it does……you get weeds! What attracted you to the person to begin with? Most often we are attracted to those qualities we…

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What goes into making a relationship successful? Relationships are a lot of work and that will never change. It is about wanting to have a close, loving, emotionally safe relationship with someone we are attracted to, value, respect and with whom we want to share our life. It is a garden that must always be nourished or it will grow WEEDS. (Although this discussion focuses on Couples, with modification it can be applied to all relationships.) Relationship skills are most often not taught in school. So how do we know how to be in a relationship? Our knowledge of relationships…

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