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Coping with Difficult Times – Sink or Swim

Life happens. Coping with it makes all of the difference between sinking into a dark place or staying afloat and swimming. How we make it through these difficult challenges comes from two main processes: How we think about what is going on, What we do about it or the actions we take to move through this time. It also involves a decision: Sink: To give in to what is happening with no action or ways of getting emotional balance, or Swim: To identify options of resolving the issue at hand — and if this is not possible, resolve to identify ways…

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Do Your Decisions Come From Fear or Avoidance or Desire?

Where our decisions come from emotionally makes a big difference in terms of how we get to where we want to go. For example, someone who desires to be happily married and has no fear or doubts about this happening one day is more likely to attain that goal. However, someone who has been hurt or disappointed often in life, especially in a career or relationship, may choose another path that feels safer to them. One that has lower risk of being hurt or disappointed. But with this path come consequences of those choices. If we play it “safe” in…

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“Corner People” and How To Get Out Of Their Corner

Definition of “CORNER PEOPLE” : Those individuals that seem to push you into a corner to get what they want. They are relentless and have no regard for the responses of the other person, until they get exactly what they want. Corner People “appear” to be oblivious to the responses that do not fit their own agenda or desire. Regardless of what you say or try to defend or explain, it seems to have no effect. They always have a “comeback” response to your answers or requests. Corner People seem to “logically” defend their position, but it always seems to benefit them…

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Your Core is Your New Best Friend

What is a Core and why would it be your new best friend? By Core I mean the gut feeling we all have inside us from time to time. When you have to make a call that is really uncomfortable for you, don’t you feel that weight like something is tugging at you in a negative way in the pit of your stomach? And after the call is made doesn’t your gut feel lighter? Or when you see a beautiful sunset that really touches your heart doesn’t your gut feel warm or comforting? How about when you first meet someone…

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Life skills usually are not taught in school. So how can we learn how to cope? Or how to grieve? Or how to find our way in life? How do we know if we will fit in with the rest of the world? How do we know how to be happy? Or what we are really emotionally feeling without some kind of a compass? We are very lucky when we have a guide who can teach us along the way. But for most people there are no skilled guides. No easy handbooks. No blueprint or map to follow. We often…

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