Susan Saint-WelchAppointments for Psychological Counseling

Please call 310-897-8137 to schedule sessions for psychological counseling to discover and mend the causes that lead you to stray from living a life full of love, happiness and success. Susan’s mantra is: “We don’t know what we don’t know – and therein lie all the possibilities”. Susan can help you gain that knowledge and learn the skills to pilot a fulfilling path for yourself and your loved ones. Soon you will be able to follow that path on your own. See the list below for common topics that both individuals and couples seek to resolve. Susan performs counseling in-person in the Los Angeles area and through secure video conferencing anywhere within California.

Appointments for Dating or Life Coaching

Please call 310-897-8137 to schedule Coaching sessions. Dating Coaching helps you find and maintain a loving and supportive relationship without losing your individual identity. Life Coaching teaches you the skills to overcome the challenges of daily living and set goals to create the life you want to live. Susan performs coaching through secure video conferencing anywhere within the United States.

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