Improving Self Image

A healthy self-image is fluid. Over the course of a lifetime, it can have a ripple effect on our relationships, the decisions we make and the life we live.
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Self-Esteem: The Father’s Precious Gift to his Daughter

A father is the gateway to his daughter’s future relationships with boys and eventually men or women. What is this precious gift that a father could possibly give his daughter? When we think of child-rearing we often think of supporting the family through steady employment or cooking healthy meals for them. Keeping them clothed and medically cared for. We also can think beyond the basics. For example, reading them bedtime stories or having certain traditions during bath time. Taking them on family vacations and helping them with homework. However, the most precious gift a father can give his daughter is…

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Heal Negative Childhood Experiences as an Adult

Negative Childhood Experiences

Negative childhood experiences stay in our memory bank in our brain. They can affect our brain function, emotions, sleep function, relationships, immune system, and even physiologically in general. We must heal these negative childhood experiences in order to have healthy relationships and to lead a fulfilling life as an adult. What We Will Not Be Discussing: I want to be clear that I am not addressing sexual, physical or any kind of abuse resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or serious trauma. PTSD and trauma are specialties that require the professional training of a skilled therapist and or program with…

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Create a Must Have List to Recognize Mr/Ms Right

The last blog discussed how you have to first know yourself well before you can recognize the “right” person for you in a romantic relationship. I hope you have taken the time to begin to think about those qualities that fit you. These qualities become the “air” you breathe when you are with that special person day in and day out. What do you need to experience in the other person to be a good match? Most people know what doesn’t work for them in a relationship but haven’t thought as much or clearly about the positive qualities they need…

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The ABC’s of Improving Your Self-Esteem NOW

Would my self-esteem be different if I could draw?

As children, we rely on others to define our worth by giving us clues about how they experience us. But as an adult, you have logical, rational and reasoning capabilities to determine what is true for you, and you can begin improving your self-esteem that may have been damaged or stunted in childhood. Improving your Self- Esteem as an Adult: Challenge your negative beliefs to find a more accurate perception. Ask yourself if the other person who is not valuing you may have an agenda involved in what they are saying. In other words, do they feel badly about themselves…

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Dating 101: Know Yourself First To Recognize Mr/Ms Right

If you don’t know yourself, how can you know who you should be dating? Many relationships go wrong because the people are not a match for each other – they are unable to recognize when something is not good for them. Healthy relationships are more likely when each person knows themselves well – they know what makes them happy, what works for them, what fills their heart and makes them feel valued and loved. These individuals know what good communication feels like in a relationship. They enjoy doing many of the same things. They manage money issues together. These people…

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How Our Self-Esteem Is A Magnet

Did you know that we tend to attract the same level of self-esteem in others as we have in ourselves? If you look at your circle of friends don’t they seem to have about the same level of confidence or doubts as you? It can be in different areas though. Some people are more confident in their career. But when it comes to romantic relationships their self-esteem is not as healthy. Romantic relationships are the most vulnerable relationship because our heart does what it does. We choose our friends but we really don’t seem to choose how we feel about…

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How Our Self-Esteem Is Easily Distorted As A Child

The Self-Esteem of children and teens is very vulnerable to distorted perceptions of value to parents, friends and family. Negative impressions are not always accurate. They tend to stay with us throughout our life, even when our experiences along the way do not mesh with the early memories. Most often we don’t realize those negative experiences are not really a part of who we are. They are early memories that a child or teen was not able to accurately interpret. Therefore it becomes a part of our picture early on of who we are and how others will see us.…

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Self Worth Fact # 1: The majority of people do not have an accurate view of their Self Worth when they look in the mirror. Discussion: One reason for this inaccuracy is that the majority of us are more critical of ourselves deep down inside than our dearest and closest friends are of us. Those friends who see the “good, the bad and the ugly’ and believe the good is so good that for them, it outweighs the “ugly” or imperfect part of us. They are the ones with the more accurate view of us. And in turn, they are likely…

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