Coping With Difficult Times

Coping skills are crucial when it comes to handling the curve balls life throws at you. The articles below may help your current situation or you can suggest an article or get help by contacting Susan Saint-Welch HERE. She does not provide psychotherapy by email or outside California.

Surviving the Upcoming Holidays: Gulp! The “How To”

Wow! The holidays are here again! For some, this period is filled with time pressures, money issues, over committing and dealing with FAMILY DYNAMICS and the expectations of others. How do you deal with these vexing issues? The answer is in your Core, or Gut Feeling. You need to start from a grounded place inside you and then move on from there. [Click HERE to see my previous article on listening to your Core] Ask yourself: What would you really like to do? What stops you from doing that? Money? Family dynamics? Logistics? Breaking tradition? What consequences will result if…

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Identify Unhealthy Behavioral Themes in You and Others

Have you ever wondered why there is a theme to how things turn out for you in certain situations? It is likely that you are looking at the situation (or reacting to it) in the same manner – so the results will form a pattern or theme. If you like the results, then there is not a problem. However, if you are not liking the results maybe it’s time to examine the thinking and action that is underlying your decisions. You can begin to identify unhealthy behavioral themes and make the necessary changes to get the results you are wanting.…

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Anchor Page: Challenging Negative Beliefs – Anchoring New Accurate Beliefs

What is an Anchor Page? We all have experienced our negative beliefs running away with us in difficult times. What if there was a way to correct these taunting beliefs into more accurate beliefs that stay with us permanently? I call this an Anchor Page. It is our “go to” place of truths we have vetted in the past when our mind was clear and not in the emotional part of the brain. We write it down to be able to refer back to it when we are in that sense of dread or discomfort and cannot think clearly. It…

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Coping with Difficult Times – Sink or Swim

Life happens. Coping with it makes all of the difference between sinking into a dark place or staying afloat and swimming. How we make it through these difficult challenges comes from two main processes: How we think about what is going on, What we do about it or the actions we take to move through this time. It also involves a decision: Sink: To give in to what is happening with no action or ways of getting emotional balance, or Swim: To identify options of resolving the issue at hand — and if this is not possible, resolve to identify ways…

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“Corner People” and How To Get Out Of Their Corner

Definition of “CORNER PEOPLE” : Those individuals that seem to push you into a corner to get what they want. They are relentless and have no regard for the responses of the other person, until they get exactly what they want. Corner People “appear” to be oblivious to the responses that do not fit their own agenda or desire. Regardless of what you say or try to defend or explain, it seems to have no effect. They always have a “comeback” response to your answers or requests. Corner People seem to “logically” defend their position, but it always seems to benefit them…

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