Coping With Difficult Times

Coping skills are crucial when it comes to handling the curve balls life throws at you. The articles below may help your current situation or you can suggest an article or get help by contacting Susan Saint-Welch HERE. She does not provide psychotherapy by email or outside California.

BEAT the Covid-19 “Blues” – See How to Grow and Have Fun!

Want to know how to BEAT the Covid-19 “Blues”? Even though Covid-19 apparently isn’t going away anytime soon, it doesn’t mean life just stops. It’s really important to follow the guidelines, so we can get back to our normal life. This is also a time when many people feel alone or depressed.  But the good news is that there are things you can do to feel better! But what’s also very important is that life doesn’t have to stop because of Covid-19. You can use this time to figure out what you want going forward. What makes you happy and…

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Coping With the Holidays in 2021

Coping With the Holidays in 2021

Once again the holidays are here. Coping with the holidays isn’t always the same for everyone. For some, it can be joyful, but for others, the holidays can be quite challenging.  Many people feel that just literally “getting through the holidays” in one piece is a challenge. Other people may feel alone or isolated from others. For some, it could be a time of loss and they are grieving. And especially common is the challenge of money issues and general pressures in this season.  Holidays are different for a lot of people. What matters most is that you find a…

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Choose A Psychotherapist That Fits You! The How-To!

Choose the right psychotherapist

Trying to choose a psychotherapist that fits you can feel challenging, but that feeling is normal. Beginning psychotherapy, if you’ve never done that before, can also be a bit daunting. First of all, you don’t know what it’s going to be like. You don’t know if it will work for you or if you feel it’s a good match with the therapist. What if you find out you’ve been doing things the hard way or ineffectively? You are in good company if this rings a bell for you.  No worries. Here are some tips for finding the right therapist. I…

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Okay to Ask if Someone Has Been Vaccinated for Covid-19?

ask if someone has been vaccinated

The short answer is “YES”. Here’s why: Wikipedia released statistics on May 5, 2021 prior to posting this article: 577 thousand people have died from Covid-19 just in the United States. 32.5 million cases have been reported in the United States alone. 154 Million cases reported in the World. Of those Covid-19 cases world-wide, 3.22 million people died so far. So you certainly have the right to be concerned and ask someone if they have been vaccinated. However, people also have the right to decline to answer that question, at least in the United States. Here, they have the right…

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What Have You Learned About Yourself During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

COVID Life Lessons

For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges. But with those challenges comes a great opportunity to have learned about yourself. For example, how you deal with the unknown or that you didn’t have your group of friends around you? Did you build new trust in your coping abilities? Do you recognize what you could have done differently? If you live with a partner, what have you both learned about your relationship? Let’s take a look at some of the positive things that may have come out of the pandemic.   How Did You Deal With Being…

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Self-Blame is Toxic and Unhelpful…But It’s Fixable!

Self-Blame is Toxic

We all experience “self-blaming” at times. But because self-blame is toxic, it means we are devaluing ourselves and denying the humanness in us all. I am well versed in this subject because even though I am a trained and licensed psychotherapist, I will still do this from time to time. When I experience self-blame, I know this is coming from the little girl inside that didn’t know any better in growing up. I never understood that we are all human and infallible. We all make mistakes along the way in life. Here is how easily we pick up this damaging…

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Dealing With A COVID-19 Thanksgiving – How To Make It Work

COVID-19 Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday is like no other, at least not in most people’s generation. But you can still make this COVID-19 Thanksgiving Holiday work for you. It won’t always be this way. Eventually, we will return to our more normal life again. It’s really important to grab hold of the reality of this situation but to still find a way to make it better for you. It’s about accepting “what is” our current reality. The unknown can be scary because we don’t know what the outcome will be. We don’t know how to stop an illness we are experiencing for…

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Depression and Surviving the Unknown With Covid-19 Pandemic

Depression and the Unknwn

The Great Depression and Stock Market Crash of 1929, the World Wars, and the Cuban Crisis all had “the unknown” in common. Depression and surviving the “unknown” is what we are all experiencing currently. How do we know we will be “OK” in the end?  Even though we are hearing great possibilities of new drugs for Covid-19, no one knows how well they will be effective, if at all. Who will get Covid-19? How is it truly transmitted from one person to another? Some people are wearing masks as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Yet others are…

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Feeling Alone, Isolated, or Invisible? Here’s What You Can Do Today!

Feeling Alone

Covid-19 pandemic has set a new social experience for most people. Feeling alone,  isolated, or invisible are all normal for this time in our lives. Remember, there was no dress rehearsal for Covid-19. It’s an abnormal situation in our current lives. Many people on their own are feeling alone but are uncomfortable reaching out to others, or they choose instead to isolate even more and just “go inside” themselves.  And some people choose to override possible contamination from Covid-19 and seek company anyway. Some create “safe” contact, and others may choose to override the recommendations for social distancing with friends.…

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What Did You Learn About Yourself from COVID-19?

Child Studying

You have a perfect opportunity at your feet. Whenever life circumstances present themselves, you often learn about yourself and how you operate in different situations. COVID-19 is a great example. As our life goes on, we often take for granted our routine, friends, work, and often even our romantic relationships. It becomes automatic, and we don’t think about it much. That’s normal. But when there is a change in our circumstances, such as COVID-19, things that were “normal” for us can easily change. Sometimes the change involves loss. However, change also comes an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and…

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