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Susan Saint-Welch

About Susan’s Values

“We don’t know what we don’t know, and therein lie all of the possibilities” – mantra for Susan Saint-Welch.

As a therapist, I have developed over the years the following beliefs about my clients:

  • Our failure to achieve what we want is only due to a lack of knowledge. Most of us can be successful and happy in life – once we learn the life skills we somehow missed in our development.
  • My clients can always grow and follow their heart to find what makes them happy.
  • We can all live at our “core” which means to do what fulfills us and gives us joy. All it requires is to value yourself and to choose what feels right for you; to believe in yourself.
  • That each client can move forward to a life that fits their own beliefs and desires, rather than someone else’s. The work we do is to discover what the client wants, what is in the way of achieving it, and to learn the skills to move forward.

I work within a client’s culture as well as their faith if these are meaningful to the client. I want the client to hold onto what they value and to let go of what no longer brings them joy and satisfaction.

I believe that when a client learns about what makes them happy, and they learn the skills to get there, they can learn to do this on their own. They will have the knowledge and practice of skills and concepts for the rest of their life.

How Susan Saint-Welch Works With Clients

I believe clients can do their best work when they feel emotionally safe with a therapist. I practice a truly non-judgmental style of therapy that demonstrates my belief in the client’s ability to experience success and genuine happiness.

My non-judgmental approach to therapy allows me to work at a deeper level with my clients, and often in a shorter time frame. I do not practice a “one size fits all” type of therapy. You will learn to recognize your own individual strengths in overcoming adversity and I will teach you the missing life skills – the “how to” for living a life that can offer you joy.

My clients learn what works for them, not a one-size-fits-all approach. I follow the client’s goals that they want to achieve by the time our work is complete. As the client grows, the goals may change to allow for a continued fit.

I use skill building and knowledge of concepts about various life situations in this work. I enjoy helping the client to discover what makes them happy as well as what has prevented that happiness in the past. I ask each client to practice what they are learning to see what works for them and what may not. Then we adjust the skills to what feels comfortable for each client.

What You Can Expect From Susan Saint-Welch

I provide a safe, non-judgmental experience that allows you to grow in a manner that fits you and your comfort zones. You will work on goals that you create and that can change if they no longer fit you as well. You will learn to identify when things feel right for you, as well as when they do not. Eventually, you will learn to read your own “core”, or how you feel about things. You are more likely to follow what makes you happy because of the skills you have learned through our work. The goals you accomplish will feel more meaningful because they came from your own choosing.

If you are motivated and open to doing the work, you can expect to know yourself thoroughly and be able to make decisions in the future that fit who you are. You will know the skills and knowledge base of what works for you in terms of being successful.

About Susan’s Background

I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 25 years. I have a double major in Communication as well as in Psychology. I also have all but the dissertation for a doctorate in Marriage and Family Studies. I have worked in a group home for teens, as well as the corporate world. This includes working with executives as well as employees. I have also provided brown bag lunch talks for a variety of large companies.

My specialties are Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Self-Esteem building to discover and value who you are. I also help clients to identify their own strengths and how to show their “best self” in dating, while teaching them dating practices that are healthy and work well.

What Clients Say About Susan Saint-Welch

My clients have often told me that they never feel judged and always feel safe in doing the work. They report feeling heard and that they always felt they were in control of their final decisions. Some clients will find humor in our discussions, as do I at times. Laughter is healing. I have had some clients tell me what most stood out for them about my work was the acute insight that I would share with them. They stated this insight often led to them moving forward in a lasting manner.

My clients have reported over the years “I feel so much more like myself”. Or “I will never lose myself again, to anyone else”. Clients have told me that for the first time in their life they know and like who they really are, and feel more confident. They also report feeling more confident that they will be able to deal with the ups and downs of life in general. They often feel much more equipped to handle life’s challenges in the future.

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