BEAT the Covid-19 “Blues” – See How to Grow and Have Fun!

Want to know how to BEAT the Covid-19 “Blues”? Even though Covid-19 apparently isn’t going away anytime soon, it doesn’t mean life just stops. It’s really important to follow the guidelines, so we can get back to our normal life. This is also a time when many people feel alone or depressed.  But the good news is that there are things you can do to feel better!

But what’s also very important is that life doesn’t have to stop because of Covid-19. You can use this time to figure out what you want going forward. What makes you happy and fulfilled? What works for you and what doesn’t?

Let’s take a look at some things that you may not have thought of doing that may move you forward in life now. It’s certainly not a complete list but may give you some ideas you haven’t thought about.


Here Are Some Examples of How to Beat the Covid-19 “Blues”

  • Do you have goals that were never completed, but were meaningful to you?
  • Socialize with your friends and family, but do it the right way….using a mask, social distancing, and making sure people are currently healthy around you. Outside is best and safer than indoors whenever possible.
  • Do something you have put off doing, but still want to do. This might be writing a book, or sightseeing someplace you have always wanted to do.  Again, doing it in a completely safe manner.
  • Take a course you have always been interested in doing.
  • Reach out to some friends you haven’t seen in a while that you know are healthy and living safely. This is a great way to beat the Covid-19 Blues!
  • This might be a good time to do some house improvements you never had a chance to do.
  • Read the books you always intended to read but never did.
  • Take up a new hobby that interests you.
  • Bike trips with family or friends can be really fun.


It’s Really Important to do Things That Nourish You

This is certainly not a complete list. However, it may get you thinking about what nourishes you in a challenging time. Why is this important to think about? Well, one reason is that it’s easy to pull away from those things that were normal patterns for you, that you stopped doing because of Covid-19.

It’s also really important to not lose touch with friends and to continue doing those things that have always nourished you. Just do them safely and use good judgment.

What’s most important is to not shut down emotionally, and go inside yourself. Closing off from nourishing things is not healthy and isn’t going to help you continue to move forward. Just do those things in a healthy manner!  And remember, you CAN BEAT the Covid-19 Blues!

Be well! It won’t always feel like it does now.


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