Okay to Ask if Someone Has Been Vaccinated for Covid-19?

The short answer is “YES”.

Here’s why: Wikipedia released statistics on May 5, 2021 prior to posting this article:

577 thousand people have died from Covid-19 just in the United States. 32.5 million cases have been reported in the United States alone. 154 Million cases reported in the World. Of those Covid-19 cases world-wide, 3.22 million people died so far.

So you certainly have the right to be concerned and ask someone if they have been vaccinated.

However, people also have the right to decline to answer that question, at least in the United States. Here, they have the right to decline to be vaccinated, to refuse to disclose whether or not they received the vaccine, and to either state or withhold their reasoning for making their choice.

Now, this can be disturbing for people on either side of this choice. But it is a choice and your employer may feel differently about this issue. It’s important to check with your work setting to see what their stance is.

How to Deal Either Way With Questions or Rejection from People:

The bottom line, people have the right in the United States of America to ask but also to decline to answer people’s questions. You also have a choice to make your own decisions about dealing with this issue.

  • If someone you know approaches you and asks if you have been vaccinated you have the choice to answer or not. And vice versa.
  • If you want to be with that person you have a choice to answer that question, or not. However, the person asking the question has the right to decide to not have physical contact with you in person at that point. Maybe not forever, but at least for the time of Covid-19 being currently present.
  • It works the same way if you are having some questions or concerns about someone who wants to hang out with you.
  • It’s important to understand and to try to accept that people are going to have their own comfort zones around this issue of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is normal. Covid-19 is not. So some of these issues have not been very common in basic relationships.
  • People’s own understanding and comfort zone don’t in any way have to define the relationship going forward. We all have our own degrees of comfort zones. So please try and accept and understand this will likely differ from person to person.


If You Are Worried About Your Relationships if You Speak Up…

  • Bottom line, if you value the relationship, but it feels disconnected between you and your friend or family because of Covid-19 comfort zones, try to see that this is an unusual time. People just need to feel safe and valued during this time of strained situations.
  • Give the relationship time to recover from such unusual circumstances. Don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel with your friend or loved one. You are probably not alone in your thinking.

Final Words: It is Ok to Ask if Someone has Been Vaccinated

Remember, “This too shall pass”. Be safe. Value yourself, speak up when it feels right for you. And try to be open to other people’s comfort zones as well….even when it is different than yours.

Be Well!

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