8 Personality Traits Are The Least Likely To Break Your Heart

Trustworthy Personality TraitsRelationships are vulnerable any way you look at it. But there are 8 personality traits that are more likely to lead to a healthy relationship. These traits also help you build trust in your mate and lessen the chance of heart break down the road.

When we’re able to feel confident in our ability to trust “our person,” it lessens the extent of that vulnerability, making us feel more like partners in the world.

Personally, I tend to trust someone until they’ve given me a reason not to, but there are definitely some specific personality traits I look for as signs of someone’s level of trustworthiness.

So, in a sense, I trust … with my eyes and ears completely open.

Below is an article I wrote for yourtango.com that describes 8 personality traits that will demonstrate one’s trustworthiness one way or another.

People With These 8 Personality Traits Are The Least Likely To Break Your Heart


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