Great Resource Regarding COVID-19 the Coronavirus Disease

COVID-19 SymptomsAll kinds of various sites online are coming up with updates and new information for dealing with COVID-19. It is really important to know the proper sites to use. This is a link for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the government agency tasked with combating the COVID-19 outbreak and is absolutely reliable. Kind of out of the “horse’s mouth” as they say. Take a look at it if you want some reliable information.

Try to stay away from lesser-known sources or sources that cannot be verified. Some people on social media may try to sensationalize this topic. Know your sources well. Use the recommended precautions, especially when you must be around other people.

Please take extra precautions involving the sick and elderly populations. Take care. Be safe.

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Susan Saint-Welch, LMFT

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