13 Reasons Why Success In Life Is Not About Luck

Success Not About LuckSuccessful people already know that success in life is not about luck, and they know this because of how they achieved success. They had a passion, mapped out the course, and followed it. If for some reason it wasn’t working, they investigated the “why” and created another direction. They knew when to quit and create another avenue, or even to create a completely new path. 

Look up successful people and you will see this pattern. Look how many times it took Thomas Edison to perfect the light bulb: 10,000 attempts before he perfected it.   

Though not in any particular order, here are 13 reasons why success in life is not about luck:


1. Successful People Go After What They Love

Successful people either already know what inspires them, or they will actively look for it. For them, it isn’t as much about the money as it is the challenge, accomplishments and the journey along the way. 


2. They Identify What Drives Them to Succeed

They know themselves well and what fulfills, challenges and motivates them to succeed. Successful people can identify why they have that particular drive and direction. They keep their eyes on the goal. Success in life is not about luck. 


3. Successful People are Generally More Positive About Their Life and Their Prospects

Positive people have a stronger locus of control in their life. They fully believe they are the master of their life and whether they will succeed or not. If they fall into a more negative emotional space they do whatever it takes to pull themselves out of it in a healthy manner.


4. Defining Their Own Definition of Success is Important to Successful People

They don’t believe in others defining success for them. Instead, they take control of identifying what they want to accomplish, as well as what they need to do to get there. They take responsibility for their path towards success.


5. Successful People Know What They Need to Do to Succeed

If they don’t know, they do whatever it takes for them to find this out. They consult with others who already have found out how to do this. Or they might find their own path regarding what feeds their soul and energizes them. 


6. They Identify Possible Obstacles and Create a Plan of Action to Overcome Them

Here again, success is not about luck. It is about challenging yourself to meet any obstacle possible and overcoming it. Is it a lack of funds, or is it not having the necessary skills acquired, or the education it takes to move forward and to compete? They seek out those who are already doing what inspired them and learn from those people.


7. Successful People Seek Out Those Who Are Experienced for Guidance

Successful people acknowledge what they don’t know, and are open to increasing their knowledge through experienced people. They see asking for guidance as a strength rather than a weakness. These people understand that success is not about luck and that they won’t know everything. They will need to learn from others as well.


8. Willingness to Work Very Hard and Smart

These people are not afraid of hard work and certainly, do not have a lazy nature. They know to succeed means tremendous effort and hard work ahead of them. Successful people are not afraid of that. They fully believe that success is not about luck, but is about working hard and smart. Click here for some examples of Millenials already doing this.


9. Know When to Quit and Take Another Path

Sometimes we go in a direction that possibly worked in the beginning, but later we realize it is no longer what we want. A great example of this concept is Oprah Winfrey and her cable network she launched at one point. With success already in her life, she knew to drop the cable network because it wasn’t working. 


10. Do More Than What is Asked of Them

Successful people know early on that they will need to stand out above others if they want to move ahead. They are always looking for opportunities to do more than what is asked of them or to do the very best job they are capable of doing. 


11. Successful People Are Accountable For Their Actions

They are not afraid to take responsibility for their actions. These folks understand that no one is perfect, and they value learning from their mistakes as they move forward. They don’t believe in making excuses, and instead, focus on what will work better for the next time.


12. People Who Succeed in Life Don’t Forget to Play

Successful people already know that to be healthy they need balance in their life. They value themselves and know they will produce a better quality of effort if they live a  balanced life.


13. They Surround Themselves With People Who Value, Support and Inspire Them

Those who succeed learned early on they need to surround themselves with people who believe in them. They understand that to succeed you need to have those around you who have faith in your ability to move forward successfully. People who succeed value supportive friends and colleagues who inspire them, especially when times are more difficult. 


So…… What  Do You Need to Do to Succeed?

In order to move forward in life and to be successful, you need to know and understand what inspires you, what gets in your way, and whether or not you really believe you can achieve your highest goal.

Do you believe success is about just being in the right place at the right time? Or that success is for people who are just plain lucky? Do you believe you deserve to be happy in your life?

Are you coming from a passion for something, or looking for what will boost your sense of value because of a lack of worth inside? Do you believe you can succeed and that you have what it takes to do that? Are you truly willing to do the hard work and persevere?

These are questions that you must know about yourself in order to move forward and to accept the idea that success in life is not about luck. It’s about believing you can achieve your goal. It is looking for what you can be passionate about in life. What inspires you and gives your life meaning and purpose.


Final Thoughts

At this point, where is your thinking? Do you accept the idea that successful people have the above qualities that allow them to succeed in life? Or do you still hold the belief that successful people are mostly lucky people?

Your path in life is going to depend upon how hard you are willing to work, your belief in your ability to succeed, and that you surround yourself with people who believe in you. And most importantly, that you fully accept the concept that success in life is not about luck.

It’s all up to YOU.

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