Attract What You Want: Create an Image or Vision Board

Vision BoardWe attract experiences that match our subconscious beliefs. If we expect failure or disappointment, we will usually realize failure or disappointment. If we expect success or happiness, we will usually achieve it. We need to experience the world in a way that makes sense to our subconscious beliefs about how the world works. However, we can create an Image or Vision Board to reprogram our subconscious and attract what we consciously want.

Our beliefs are very strong and powerful:

They determine how we interpret what we experience on a daily basis. For example, lets look at a woman whose father cheated on her mother and who also has been cheated on in past relationships. She gets married to a really good, honest man who has never been unfaithful. To protect herself from hurt she must always be looking out for signs of him cheating on her. Even if she had him followed she would not believe that he was not cheating, or that he will not cheat on her in the future. She will likely lose this good man because he will soon tire from continuing to defend himself from something he is not doing.

Our negative beliefs (especially those coming from fear) stop us from experiencing the world in a new and healthier way. These beliefs do not easily allow us to see things differently than our beliefs or expectations. In a previous blog we talked about The Law of Attraction and how we attract to us those things that fit our beliefs. I fully believe that if we are not experiencing things we want then something is in the way. Usually it is a fear of something that could possibly happen if we get what we think we want. For example, wanting to be married but “somehow” never having a successful relationship can stem from a fear of being hurt. To have what you want you need to recognize and remove any negative beliefs that would be in the way.

This is exactly what a Image or Vision Board is about. It helps to reprogram the subconscious mind. The images or words alter your beliefs in a positive direction that opens the door to allow what you want to come into your life. The way I do Vision Boards is not just about positive things I want in my life. It is also about turning negative beliefs around into a positive phrase or picture that will change one’s thinking on an ongoing basis. It does this by reaching the subconscious mind over time.

Examples of Changing Negative Beliefs into Positive Affirmations:

  1. Negative belief: “If I go after what I really want I might fail”. Positive belief: “I spread my wings and I soar!”
  2. Negative belief: “All men cheat”. Positive belief: “I am in an emotionally secure romantic relationship. I feel so loved!!!”
  3. Negative belief: “I am unloved”. Positive belief: “I am surrounded by loving friends”.

Using Images or Pictures to Change our beliefs:

  1. For #1 above you might have a picture of a bird soaring upward in the sky. I actually used this in one of my Vision Boards.
  2. For #2 belief: You might use a picture of a couple where the man has his arms wrapped around the woman in a loving manner or vice versa.
  3. For #3 belief: You might choose a picture of a group of friends around you having fun.

Choosing the Size and Color of the Board:

  1. I believe the color of the board is important. It opens up the subconscious mind. Choose a color that is appealing to you. One that opens your creative mind or just feels good to you.
  2. The size of the board is up to you. A friend of mine once did a board that was 8”x11” and was crammed full of items on the board. Another friend did one that was 2′ by 3′ and also was crammed full with pictures and sayings. Personally, I like space on my boards. It allows me to focus individually on the different concepts and images important to me. I don’t think it really matters about the size as long as it feels comfortable and open to you. If you find sayings or pictures that feel better to you then replace the original one with the new one.
  3. I use a glue stick. But use whatever means of holding the items on the board that works for you. You can also use fabric as your background.
  4. The digitally inclined may choose to use a “virtual” or electronic version of the board.

Where to Put the Image or Vision Board:

  1. I don’t think it particularly matters where you put the board. What matters more is that it is in a place that you regularly see. I have always put them on my bedroom wall so I am sure to see them often and daily. An electronic version may sit on your computer desktop or in a link from your phone’s home screen.
  2. Some people feel this is a private board for them alone, so they may put it in a closet, behind a door, or someplace others cannot see it. This is fine as long as you have a clear and frequent view of it.

Closing Thoughts on the Image or Vision Board:

Very Important: Remember, the subconscious mind is very concrete. It does not analyze and it does not question. It is fed what you tell it. Be very mindful of your thinking and words, not just for the Vision Board, but always. Tony Robbins says to be aware of the words you say: For example, “life is too hard”. You are absolutely programming your subconscious mind to look for proof of this belief. We usually find what we are looking for when it comes to our beliefs needing proof, the good or the bad.

Final note: I have done about nine different Vision Boards in my life. Each one has been as if the items fall off the board into my life. My problem has been that I have not done them nearly often enough. I will be doing my next board on where I want my career to go from here.

Action Items:

  1. Be clear about the end result of what you are wanting to attract to yourself. What is the main purpose of this particular Vision Board?
  2. Be picky about the color of the board. Remember, it is the color that opens up the subconscious mind. Pick a color that moves you or just feels “right”.


The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murray Ph.D, D.D.

Vision Board Ideas and How to Make Yours Better by Jack Canfield
“Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul® and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you’re ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:”

Notes From a Friend by Tony Robbins

Resources to create a “virtual” or digital Vision Board:

Free Online Vision Board

Vision Board Apps

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