Couples In Conflict

Learn communication skills and build a fulfilling relationship

Family Drama and Crisis

Manage differences in values and goals

Coping With Difficult Times

Learn to effectively manage difficult life events

Living The Life You Love

Design your actions to live the life you love

Improving Self Image

Most people view you more positively than you view yourself

Our identity and self worth issues affect our daily decisions, dating, relationships, career and how we cope in life.

Are your actions based on desire or avoidance of something negative? My work involves teaching people how to read their "core" (their "true self") and to use this as a barometer of what is going on internally, in their current situation, to guide them towards feeling better.

This work involves skill building and knowledge of concepts about various life situations. I enjoy helping the client to discover what makes them happy as well as what has prevented that happiness in the past. I ask each client to practice what they are learning to see what succeeds - and what does not - so that they can soon continue this work on their own.

I provide psychotherapy for clients in California and Couples and Life Coaching for clients outside California through secure video conferencing. Call me at the number above to get started.

This can affect both individuals and couples

Any topic of concern can be addressed, but most fall into the general categories below. Click the links for guides to articles I have written on each subject.

Dating and Relationships: The keys to both are knowing yourself, both of you expressing your needs and listening to each other, and reaching some sort of compromise. These skills can be learned.

Couples In Conflict: Resolving conflict in relationships may require overcoming many obstacles, including money problems, feeling disconnected, balancing work with family life, communication, and decision-making.

Family Drama and Crisis: Family dynamics can produce drama & crisis which can affect both individuals and couples. Common issues include becoming an adult in your parent’s eyes, reconciling value differences between family members, and raising children (to name a few).

Coping With Difficult Times: Coping skills are crucial when it comes to handling the curve balls life throws at you.

Living The Life You Love: Learning life skills and setting goals can help you design your actions to live the life you love.

Improving Self Image: A healthy self-image is fluid. Over the course of a lifetime, it can have a ripple effect on our relationships, the decisions we make and the life we live. Most people are viewed more positively by others than they view themselves.